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Action Cricket

Action Cricket is one of the most popular leisure games played at Action Indoor Sports facilities around Australia & New Zealand. Action Cricket is a great way to keep fit and have fun with your friends, family or work colleagues.


Action Soccer

Action Soccer is played at most Action Indoor Sports facilities in Australia, New Zealand and at Konami Sports Clubs in Japan. A variation of the outdoor variety, Action Soccer is fast paced and great for all ages and fitness levels.


Action Beach Volleyball

Action Beach Volleyball is available at a number of Action Indoor Sports facilities in Australia; including Doncaster & Tullamarine in Melbourne's suburbs. It provides competitors with a highly entertaining, yet gentle active pursuit.


Action Netball

Action Netball is very similar as regular Netball but has one important twist...the ball is never out! This activity is played widely across Australia & New Zealand and can be played by children, women, men and mixed teams!